Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions
Can you pick up and deliver my boat back to me when the repair is finished?

RowAmerica Boat Repair is capable of helping coordinate the pick-up and delivery of your repaired shells. We attend the majority of all US regattas every year and have a deeply rooted network of contacts who are also willing to help us by bringing shells back to our headquarters in Bridgeport, CT. RowAmerica is also beginning to set up periodic pick-up and delivery runs in the Northeast, USA and beyond. Please call 203-866-7223 (RACE) to find out how you can get your boat to our repair shop.

Can I send you pictures of my boat for an estimate?

We can send you a general estimate based on pictures that you send through the form found on the www.rowamericaboatrepair.com website. This estimate is subject to change after the boat is seen in person. You can also send photos to info@wintechracing.com.

How long will my boat repair take?

That depends on the severity of the damage and how many boats we have in the repair shop at the time you deliver your shells to us. There are busier times of the year than others. Typically, immediately before spring and fall seasons are the busiest times of the year for us.

How much will my repair cost?

That depends on the severity of the damage. Each repair is different and requires a different approach than the last repair we performed. RowAmerica can estimate the time it will take to repair your shell and that will ultimately determine the cost of the repair. Relative to the labor time involved in repairing your shell the material cost is very low.

Can you contact my insurance agent with your assessment of my damage?

Yes. If you will be making a claim to your insurance company for the damage suffered on your boat we can assess and convey the damage to your claim adjuster. Keep in mind when insuring your rowing shell that it makes sense to insure the boat through an insurance company that has experience with boats specific to the sport of rowing.

Can you build riggers for my boat if one is broken?

Yes. We have the ability to take measurements off of your boat (or you can do this quite easily too) in order to build new wing or outriggers for your shell. Even as custom builds, our prices tend to be considerably less than our competitor’s stock riggers.

Do you have all of the replacement parts for my brand of boat?

Most of our components and small spare parts can be used on every boat brand in the marketplace (and will save you a lot of money in the process). If a part is needed that we cannot get off of our shelf we can get that part from the company who made your shell.

Can you paint my boat the same color? How about a custom color?

Yes. We have on-site custom paint finishing. Our paint room has capability to mix the full spectrum of colors specific to your shell. However, if a boat is older the paint will have faded such that it will be hard to match perfectly. As a result, if the boat requires more than a few small repairs sometimes it will be less expensive to paint the boat in full rather than paint and then fare each small repair into the original paint.

Can you put the namesake back on my boat after a repair?

Yes. We have a state of the art Gerber cutter that has the ability to cut any font at any size in order to remake the namesake on your damaged shell. Also, we can make new names for your recently purchased shells awaiting boat dedication.

Is my boat a total loss?

Determining if a boat is a total loss can sometimes be confirmed through photos of the damage. The best way to determine this is always done in person, however, with our skilled estimators and repairmen assessing the damage first hand.

Do you take old boat trade-ins against the cost of my repair bill?

Yes, if the old boats are reparable and we have a current need for a boat of that particular type. RowAmerica Boat Repair is affiliated with RowAmerica Boat Clubs which has a need for inexpensive but quality community outreach and learn-to-row shells. While we have the ability to import boats that fit this profile from our facility from China, sometimes getting an older shell from the marketplace and refurbing it for our own use makes more financial sense.

Can you provide a replacement boat if my boat is totalled?

RowAmerica Boat Repair is affiliated with WinTech and King Racing Shells. All of the entities are located under the same roof. Therefore, it is easy for a customer that has recently lost their boat due to damage to see potential replacement boats in RowAmerica’s state-of-the-art High Performance Center located in Bridgeport, CT.

Do you attend regattas and what regatta services do you provide?

Yes. RowAmerica Boat Repair will attend certain large regattas in order to facilitate boat pick-up and delivery. We are also setting the stage to have boat repair clinics at select regattas in 2014-2015.

Can you guide me through a small repair?

RowAmerica can provide advice while guiding you through certain small boat repairs if you do not have the time to get the boat to our shop. We do advise our customers to circle back for an official RowAmerica repair job after you have time, however.

Do you have used, refurbished boats for sale?

Yes. RowAmerica Boat Repair is affiliated with WinTech and King Racing Shells, both of which are under the same roof at 1010 Atlantic Street in Bridgeport, CT. If your boat is ultimately considered “totaled” and you are in the market for a used or new shell we can direct you to a full fleet of boats that you and your club can choose from. Additionally, RowAmerica Boat Repair is always looking for used shells to purchase or accept as trade-ins toward your repair invoice.

Do you repair other recreational marine vessels?

Yes. RowAmerica Boat Repair has the ability to repair all small marine vessels including: kayaks, SUP’s, surf skis, small sailboats, motor boats, or any other marine craft made of a composite material (fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber).

What regattas do you attend?

RowAmerica Boat Repair will attend several large regattas annually. If you would like to know if we will be attending an regatta near you please call 203-866-RACE (7223). Also, if we are not attending a particular race, we can typically facilitate boat transportation through one of our affiliates from large regattas back to our headquarters in Bridgeport, CT.

Can I drop/pick up my boat on weekends?

Yes. Conveniently located just off CT I-95 (exit 26) in beautiful Seaside Park, we have ample outdoor space to accept after-hours and weekend drop-offs. If you need help while dropping your boat off please call ahead and we will try to schedule our staff around your arrival. Because many of our employees live in proximity to RowAmerica, we can usually help you in this situation.

Should I use my local marina service to repair my rowing shell?

RowAmerica Boat Repair offers sport specific repair service for your composite rowing shell. Many local marine repair shops are not familiar with rowing shells and usually refer to us anyway while approaching repairs. While the boat may be seaworthy after repairs are performed at these shops, the repairs tend to be messy without the correct finish applied to the boat. In order to be completely satisfied, and safe, we always suggest that you have a sport specific repair facility tend to your repair needs.